Graduates of Asian Medical Institute work both in Kyrgyzstan and in Pakistan, India, Nigeria. The contingent of students is currently from different nations: India, Pakistan, Syria, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Somalia, Egypt. The scholars of the General Medicine faculty are regular participants of many scientific international congresses, sports championships, several competitions (Annual conferences, “Spring Ala-Too,” etc.). Practically all departments of the General Medicine faculty are equipped with computers and modern diagnostic and treatment facilities, which allow providing medical and diagnostic help to the population at the highest level. The preparation programs of the department are close to the most advanced world programs.


The institute considers the holistic development of the students for which various cultural and extra-curricular activities are being conducted regularly in the institute. Students can get the opportunity of many facilities such as gym, swimming pool, basketball courts, etc. To assist students, the institute organizes various educational tours, games, and different festivals. To support the students to focus on their studies and not to worry about the get requirements in odd hours, a special canteen has consolidated on the premises of the hostel.
The institution believes in being liberal and equal rights so that the students don’t get discriminated based on sex, race, nationality, social status, religion, place of residence, etc.


The institute accommodates spacious hostels rooms with all the favorable services, including boarding, fooding, power supply, and power backup. The security services are available individually for boys and girls, right next to the college premises. All the hostel rooms are under the surveillance of CCTV and thus are controlled by a senior member of the resident staff.
An excellent transport facility is available to take the students from their hostels to the affiliated hospitals present in the city. The atmosphere of hostels is gentle, quiet, and thus it is favorable for peaceful studies.