Asian Medical Institute was established in 2004 and listed with the Ministry of education of the Kyrgyz Republic on 06 February 2004, which is a private higher medical, educational institution functioning based on self-management and self-financing. The Institute is licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic and confirmed by the board of this Ministry for the right to conduct educational activities in the sphere of higher professional and secondary education in specialties General Medicine and Dentistry.

Course Summary:

In The Asian Medical Institute, the Faculty of “General Medicine” was organized in 2004 from the day of the founding of the institute in coordination with the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, and the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic. The task of the Faculty is to provide adequate educational services in the field of higher and trained education corresponding to the modern requirements of the Kyrgyz Republic and foreign countries.

Educational Directions:

The Department carries out training of highly qualified physicians with a primary university education in the specialty: “General Medicine.” By the State Educational Standards of the Kyrgyz Republic, the students are trained according to curricula. The Faculty conveys all applied skills and types of practical training approved by the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic. Graduates who have passed all stages of study get a diploma majoring in “Physician–General Medicine” and continue their postgraduate studies in clinical residency training after successfully passing certification at the Higher Medical Council of India, Pakistan, etc. The Department implements three programs for the preparation of clinical residents (for a list of licensed programs, see the corresponding section). In 2016, the 3rd graduation of 34 physicians took place, which received the appropriate cards and certificates for the right to work in their chosen field of medicine. A total of 73 physicians have been trained during the period of activity of the Faculty. Daily inspections of attendance confirm a high level of quality of teaching disciplines to international students by independent inspectors and teachers, checks by Indian, Pakistani, and Kyrgyz commissions and independent listeners.